Asuka Kirara Returns In IRON GIRL: ULTIMATE WEAPON. Watch The New NSFW Trailer!

Tokusatsu and science fiction are making quite a sexy comeback this week with AV idol and actress Asuka Kirara reprising her role in the new film, Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon. Female Prisoner 701 - Sasori helmer Fujiwara Kenichi is in the director's chair with Asuka back once more to take on futuristic bandits with her highly advanced skillset while trying to recover from memory loss.

The most recent poster has been making the rounds for a few months. Thankfully, we now have a new NSFW trailer courtesy of the film's Facebook page with a foreword by Asuka herself.

In the distant future where social order has collapsed, people are living under the constant fear of the ruthless bandits. However, there are also those who hunt them to make a living. Amongest those bounty hunters, there is a beautiful woman who is thought to be the best and strongest of them all. By wearing an armored suit of mysterious technology, she becomes virtually unstoppable. She is known as the "IRONGIRL". 
Chris aka IRONGIRL has no memories except for her name. In order to acquire an expensive memory retrieving device known as "the storage", she is even more devoted to ticking off the list of wanted bandits. However, her actions cannot go unnoticed by the militants turned bandit group who calls themselves the "Sparti United". Little did she know that the hands of the assassins are closing in on the peaceful colony...

Actress and model, Gun Woman star ASAMI also stars with Kamen Rider 000's Iwanaga Hiroaki and Futari Ecchi's Morishita Yuri. Iron Girl: Ultimate Weapon will get a two-week theatrical late show run in Japan beginning on January 17, 2015. Watch below!


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