A Grand Housing Of Set Props Highlight New BTS Footage For DRAGON BLADE

International action star and soon-to-be star of the upcoming Skiptrace and the India/China co-production of Kung Fu Yoga, actor Jackie Chan continues to be all the rave this month going into the new year with the upcoming release of director Daniel Lee's Dragon Blade. That said, I wouldn't worry too much about a trailer what with all the pictorials and featurettes now making the rounds online, including a slate of pictures illustrating the scope of the production and design comprising the film's record $65 million dollar budget. And not for nothing with a planned IMAX and 3D release in Feburary next year as Dragon Blade prepares to kick off 2015 in a huge way, and one can only hope this movie gets the same theatrical treatment beyond borders.
Dragon Blade is set in 48BC, and revolves around Huo An (Jackie), a Chinese commander who is tasked with protecting China’s Western borders during the Han dynasty. Huo is accused of treason and winds up as a slave labourer, but he still manages to rally the Chinese forces to repel a small invading Roman army led by Lucius (John Cusack). However, an even greater challenge lies in wait for Huo. He must find a way to stop the ambitious Tiberius (Adrien Brody), who marches towards the Chinese border gate with a vast army.
Chan will be joined by Cusack, Brody and other principal stars next year to tour the movie on the cusp of its Beijing premiere with dates set for Japan, Hong Kong, Singapore, Taiwan and others to follow. For now, check out the featurette and galleries below with fresh new photos courtesy of Superchan's Jackie Chan Blog


  1. A Roman army invading China? How the hell did they get past the Parthians?


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