Watch The New Teaser For Upcoming Short, VENGEANCE...MAIS From Aballa Stunts!

Screenfighting and filmmaking company, Aballa Stunts is still thriving from time to time. Support is close to nil on their home territory despite aiming to put their native Algeria on the map for action cinema, a circumstance shared by many parts of the world, and its safe to say that achieving this kind of goal will ultimately take some time, as well as effort.

This month, that effort can now be seen continued in the upcoming short, Vengeance...Mais, a French-language crime thriller directed by Mohammed Besbas and centered on a story of one cop's search for vengeance against the men who killed his little brother. No English-subs here, but clearly the footage seen in the new teaser is something that aims for something cool to present, especially for fans of martial arts and indie action.

Check it out below and support the channel by subscribing!


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