Watch The First Full Trailer For Irie Yu's WWII Spy Thriller, JOKER GAME

International espionage, intrigue, danger and love unfold in the forthcoming release of director Irie Yu's brand new period thriller, Joker Game. The film itself carries some notable credibility due to momentum from its critical and commercial successes in 2009 as the first of a set award-winning compilation novels by best-selling author Yanagi Koji, while boasting an epic production with sets in Japan, as well as Indonesia and Singapore. With that in mind, a big screen release in Japan set for January 31, 2015, which could mark the start of a new exciting film franchise depending on how this hand gets dealt!

On the eve of World War II, an international Asian city becomes a hub of a high-stakes “spy game” as spies from countries such as Japan, the UK, the Soviet Union, and Germany compete to give their respective countries any possible advantage in world diplomacy. 
Kato (Kamenashi Kazuya) is about to receive a severe punishment for disobeying his superiors when he’s scouted by a man named Colonel Yuuki (Iseya Yusuke) to become a spy for the secret intelligence agency D Kikan. He endures rigorous training and is eventually given his first mission as a secret agent. Kato must infiltrate the multicultural city referred to “Devil’s Metropolis” in order to take a critical “black notebook” from U.S. Ambassador Graham. 
Kato attempts to find the notebook along with a mysterious woman named Rin (Fukuda Kyoko). Meanwhile, D Kikan gets caught up in a fierce rivalry with a radical faction of the Imperial Japanese Army.

Watch the first teaser from September, and the brand new full trailer just beneath!

H/T: Eigapedia


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