Upcoming Action Short, BREED OF HUNTERS Gets An Extended Intro Clip

Independent productions can take great lengths of time to put together, a fact known full well for actor and martial artist Wildchild Gil Sanabria following an earlier teaser for his upcoming shortfilm thriller, Breed Of Hunters. The project was already on its way a bit before then, but slowed down due to necessary rewrites following a departure from one of the actors involved. Rewrites are currently being done for the project which is now expected to fully commense hopefully earlier next year with a new script and cast (and possibly a new title) to accommodate an otherwise great-looking, original project.
Breed Of Hunters follows the story of Giovanni Fierro, an inside man for hire, who gathers and sells information in the underground world. He later gets caught in between two sides of justice when he comes across top secret government information revealing an ulterior agenda.
While we await further info on Sanabria's other ventures, Breed Of Hunters is seeing the light of day with a new, extended intro clip, which while incomplete in its previously intended setup, does deliver something fresh to look forward to. No English-subs though, but check it out below if it suits you and be sure to subscribe to the channel as well.


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