The New Shortfilm Teaser For YAKUZAMBIE Pits A Mob Princess And Her Sex Slave Against The Undead!

Garage Hero founder and independent filmmaker Bueno (Gun Caliber) is back with a shortfilm straight from the inner workings of Japan's criminal underworld now ravaged by zombies in Yakuzambie. The project was shot on one of Legendary Pictures' own sets as part of YouTube's House Of Horrors project introduced back in September by visionary filmmaker Guillermo Del Toro, and based on what we have going on right now in the new grindhouse-style teaser, I wouldn't miss out on this one when it goes online, and hopefully soon!

When the daughter of a late Yakuza Boss inherits her father's mansion, she decides to seduce his right hand man as her own personal sex slave. However, their lustful acts are the UNDEAD!
Keisaku Kimura, Aimi Sekiguchi, Hiroyuki Taniguchi, Keiichi Takagi and Takaaki Irobe star. Watch the teaser below!


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