THE KICKBOXER Reunites Pyun And Mitchell, Gets New Format, New Synopsis And Start Date!

Artwork by Glenn Cochrane
It's been well over a year and a half since filmmaker Albert Pyun announced a handful of details for an online serial return to the set with martial artist and actor Sasha Mitchell spinning off the Kickboxer saga. That was three months before stating his retirement from film after a 32-year long career upon being diagnosed with multiple sclerosis at the time, although thankfully, the award-winning director has since remained upbeat with good consultation on his health from doctors and the support of wife and business partner, Cynthia Curran.

That said, previous activity on Pyun's Facebook page in the past year indicates he had still been brewing a few ideas with the intent on returning to the Kickboxer franchise in some capacity, long after directing two of the four films succeeding the first film with Jean-Claude Van Damme in 1989 from Mark DiSalle and David Worth. This now leads us to a few more major updates regarding Pyun's long-awaited project - no longer in serial form - titled, The Kickboxer, which will ultimately reunite him with Mitchell who starred in both of Pyun's films as well as the third.

Pyun's new version, apart from Stephen Fung's own forthcoming remake starring Alain Moussi, has also taken on new life in its evolution in the last few weeks, merging it with a previous concept for what would have been a seperate film titled Algiers before being pitched at the American Film Market this week; The film now has a new synopsis Pyun is sharing on his Facebook page reinstating Mitchell on a much larger scale for the reprisal of his character, David Sloan, and it goes a little something like this:

David Sloan (Sasha Mitchell), is chosen to escort an American aide worker, Jenny Reynolds (TBD), a witness to a cold blooded rape and murder of three Somali female aide workers, to the local magistrate across Mogadishu. The murder was staged to look like it was committed by a UN Peacekeepers. But Jenny recognizes the killer as wearing a UN Peacekeeper's uniform but is a al-Shabaab terrorist name Siad Ali and not a real UN soldier. 
Sloan is a damaged survivor of the al-Shabaab terrorist group attack on a village in Northern Kenya. He is now a partially crippled man working for the UN multi-national Peacekeeping troops in Somalia, trying to lead a quiet life. He is mocked by his fellow UN Peacekeepers for being an ex-kickboxing champion in a MMA world. He is seen as an antiquated man in a modern time. The UN Peacekeepers working for al-Shabaab think Sloan is too damaged and remote to cause trouble or incapable of protecting Jenny. 
Sloan's CO, Captain Holmes (Michael Tushaus) tells Sloan to get Jenny to the magistrate so she can testify to him him that a UN soldier was not involved. This truth must get out before the local population hears the lie and riots. 
Sloan picks up Jenny from a UN prison and safely ushers out of the UN headquarters and past two French UN soldiers, Bastien (Scott Paulin) and Thiry (Norbert Weisser) on al-Shabaab's payroll. Jenny wears a traditional head scarf and robe which masks her identity as Sloan spirits her out. 
Later we learn that al-Shabaab staged the murders to incite the Somali people to be outraged and riot. This will allow al-Shabaab insurgents to enter the city and force the UN out. It is revealed that al-Qaeda is actually behind the plot and want Mogadishu to be another Benghazi type unrest masking terrorists attacks on the UN and U.S. Presence in Somalia. After narrowly avoiding an attempt on their lives, Sloan is forced into a kill or be killed chase as he flees the Al-Shabaab action to kill Jenny and now. 
Unfortunately, Sloan and Jenny seemingly don’t stand a chance against Siad Ali’s ruthless (and blood-drenched) attempts at killing Jenny. He gathers several dozen UN turncoat soldiers and hundreds of heavily armed al-Shabaab terrorists to prevent Sloan from getting Jenny to the magistrate. 
The action covers the gamut from hand to hand martial arts fights to a Bourne style car action sequence, to several raging gun battles through the streets of Mogadishu. The ferocity of the attacks serve to awaken Sloan to show Siad Ali that he is still a formidable man.
The vision Pyun has in mind for the action is currently shaping up to include some more popular elements in fight choreography with the inclusion of Borne-style action as well as some mixed martial arts to accommodate fight fans. It looks like a fresh approach to a film that has been long in the making, now heavy in the casting process and is reportedly ready to roll cameras for a total of six weeks starting on or around January 16, 2015. Shooting locations will include Santa Clarita, California, and the interior sets at Indie Film Studios in Las Vegas, Nevada, with three days for second unit work be determined in either Morocco, Tunisia or Israel.

Mitchell's next appearance in director Art Camacho's The Chemist is currently awaiting release while Pyun has a few more films on the way, including the upcoming release of cyberpunk actioner, Cyborg Nemesis, which just screened for an exclusive audience in Las Vegas back in October.

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  1. That Sasha Mitchell was one of the worst Kickboxers I've ever seen in a why is he trying this again.....??

  2. i like how he fights,kickboxer 1-2 and ilked them but the 4th one i only liked the fighting scenes.He's a good fighter


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