The Game Begins In The First Full Trailer For Korean Actioner, THE BIG MATCH!

2014 has been a great year for the Korean action genre, and looking to continue the tradition this December is director Choi Ho with promotion now underway for his pending holiday action adventure thriller, The Big Match. The plot itself isn't anything new, really, but nonetheless graces Ho's new venture with an energizing feel and plenty of action-packed feats with actor Lee Jeong-jae at the center of it all, and from the looks of things, I don't see a reason to complain.

A Korean UFC rookie, ring name 'Zombie', Ik-ho (LEE Jung-jae) seemed as though he would have a smooth journey in his career until his father figured brother is haunted by police on a false murder charge. Police start to look at Ik-ho with suspicion, and they arrest him.
He gets a random phone call from Ace (SHIN ha-kyun), director for an illegal gambling ring. Ace has created his 'GAME' using high technology and CCTVs to track down every little move of his chessmen. One unique thing about his game is, he uses real people as his chessmen. And they have abducted Ik-ho's brother to make Ik-ho as their new chessmen.
Ik-ho is being asked to meet with Su-kyung (BoA) and follow her direction in order to save his brother's life. He gets through the seemingly impossible missions of rounds, and finally reaches to the final round. He needs to find where his brother is, at the huge soccer stadium, his ankle strapped down with time bomb. Time is ticking down, and Ik-ho has no other choice than throw himself into the skybox, where Su-kyung has insisted Ace was, to stop this ridiculous game. 
Nearly the astronomical amount of money that was bet on the GAME declared as invalid, and now Ace is on the verge of a crisis. Ace has nothing else to lose, and he approaches to Ik-ho with the last fatal blow. Between these two desperate men, final Big Match is about to start now. 
Actor Shin Ha-Kyun and Korean Wave sensation, actress BoA also star with Lee Sung-Min, Kim Eui-Sung, Park Doo-Sik, Ra Mi-Ran, Son Ho-Jun, Choi Woo-Sik and Bae Sung-Woo rounding out the cast. You can check out the cast in the latest batch of character posters now available beneath the film's latest full-length trailer!


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