The Competition Gets Hellish In The New Trailer For KUNG FU ANGELS!

Hong Kong director Herman Yau's got something new for the kung fu action crowd this December in the form of Kung Fu Angels. While it definitely has some of the playful schooziness of a romantic comedy, the film's brand new trailer certainly does some dramatic justice to its target audience of action film fans. Besides, with a director whose extensive credits include recent martial arts features like The Woman Knight Of Mirror Lake, Ip Man: The Legend Is Born and Ip Man: The Final Fight, it's hard to expect any less.

An unruly and spoiled girl Nancy is sent to the Physical Education College, which cultivates students into sports elites with strict regulations. Although her cousin Ken tries to help her get used to the ascetic life there, it doesn’t turn out as he intended. In order to pursue the handsome captain Tom, Nancy quits her favorite volleyball, but joins the Kung Fu team. What really annoys her is another girl Tina, who sees Nancy’s crush on Tom, is still chummy with Tom. Experiencing inter-school Kung Fu tournament enables Nancy to learn a lot from the Principle, her teammates and even rivals. Through tears and pains, the young ones grow up and get closer to their dreams. Since then, Nancy has found that practicing Kung Fu is no longer for wooing a guy.
Actress Karena Ng and actor Jeremy Tsui lead a cast that includes Alex Lam, Janelle Sing, Zhang Chu Chu, Tats Lau, Johnson Yuen and Raymond Wong. The film is pr Pegasus Motion Pictures is releasing the film in Hong Kong and China on December 4 and December 11, respectively.

Catch the trailer below!


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