THE BIG MATCH: Watch Lee Jeong-Jae Fight An Entire SWAT Team In A New Clip!

For some still keeping up with the forthcoming release of director Choi Ho's South Korean action adventure thriller, The Big Match, filmgoers at home will be delighted to catch the film on November 27, 2014, advanced from its previous date in December. With that mind, the promotional campaign is still underway, and now we get a fresh clip from the new film, as well as a promotional character featurette with actor Lee Jeong-Jae and our key cast, each with their own posters you can view by CLICKING HERE if you missed them.

The clip quickly gets things started with Lee in the role of Ik-Ho (or "Zombie"), an MMA prospect whose hopes are dashed when his surrogate brother is framed for murder and turns fugitive, forcing him under the watchful eye of a mysterious gamemaster as he becomes an unwitting pawn in a deadly city-wide game of survival. What ultimately ensues is a series of challenges, one of which includes fighting his way singlehandedly out of a police station and a yard full of hungry trainees armed with weapons and tear gas.

This film should make for a fun holiday ride, and hopefully this will make its way overseas with a proper release very soon. In the meantime, watch the clip and featurette below.


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