New ATTACK ON TITAN Character Pics Show A Geared-Up Cast Of Giant Hunters!

Making the rounds within Japanese media are new promotional images for director Higuchi Shinji's latest live-action fantasy epic, Attack On Titan, which is currently due for a two-part release beginning next summer courtesy of Toho Company. The film is based on the 2009 manga of the same name by author Isayama Hajime, which centers on a group of warriors led by Eren Jaeger, forged in his upbringing as part of mankind's best hope against flesh eating giants.

It's been several months since word was last heard about the project following its official announcement back in December 2013, and while some opinions remain in purist upheaval over live-action adaptations of anything comic book or anime, there are reasons to be hopeful, especially if you are familiar with Higuchi's work. With that in mind, hopefully the new photos will add even more excitement and interest as we now get a full glimpse at the key players and new faces being added to the Attack On Titan cinematic rendering; The last seven characters listed below are non-related to the manga, but were reportedly added with Why Don't You Play In Hell? co-star Hasegawa Hiroki in mind as a key important character in the films. As to how important is a topic with details that remain to be seen.

The cast is listed accordingly to the photos as follows, Miura Haruma as Eren Jaeger, Mizuhara Kiko as Mikasa, Kanata Hongo as Armin, Miura Takahiro as Jean, Sakuraba Nanami as Sasha and Ishihara Satomi as Hans/Hanji, with Hasegawa Hiroki as Shikishima, Matsuo Satoru as Sannagi, Pierre Taki as Souda, Kunimura Jun as Kubal, Watanabe Shu as Fukushi, Misaki Ayame as Hiana and Takeda Rina as Lil.

Isayama also wrote the script with friend and film critic Machiyama Tomohiro and Dragon Ball Z: Battle Of The Gods and Gatchaman scribe Watanabe Yuusuke, and Sato Yoshihiro is producing.

Stay tuned for more details.



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