KNIGHTS OF THE ROUND TABLE Enlists Djimon Hounsou To Train The Once And Future King

Actor Djimon Hounsou is currently on track to appear in the February 2015 family adventure flick, Seventh Son, after a long, controversial shift in ownership between studios. Aside from this, the film is but one role in a small handful he'll be expected for between now and the next few years, which also lead to word from Variety that the actor is officially boarding Knights Of The Round Table with Guy Ritchie as director.

Hounsou largely gets a lot of supporting and co-starring roles, even though his acting caliber certainly does him better justice. He's a great actor, nonetheless and it will be interesting to see how he takes on the character for this, the first of a six-film venture from Warner Bros. and Village Roadshow Pictures in which he will portray a role similar to mystical wizard, Merlin, who trains the protagonist, Arthur Pendragon leading up to his days as the legendary 5th and 6th century British leader.

Sons Of Anarchy star, actor Charlie Hunnam is currently tapped to play the lead as Arthur alongside actress Astrid Berges-Frisbey in the role of Lady Guinevere, with actor Jude Law in the role of a yet unnamed villain. Hounsou's role was previously in the works for actor Idris Elba during the summer in a deal that eventually fell short; Instead, fans can likely expect to find him briefly on television back in the title role of popular BBC detective series, Luther, next year, among other films still pending.

Knights Of The Round Table is being written by scribe Joby Harold with plot details still under wraps. Hounsou is also poised to appear in next April's release of Furious 7.

Stick around!

H/T: Variety


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