Keanu Reeves In Talks For Tarsem Singh Actioner, THE PANOPTICON

If you're still buzzing over those awesome feels after seeing actor Keanu Reeves discriminately shoot bad guys in the face with a vengeance in his latest success story, John Wick, I don't blame you. I thoroughly enjoyed that film myself when I saw it and it's pleasing to know that he's not stopping any time soon.

That said, the deal for what may hopefully be his next project titled, The Panopticon, has not yet been solidified just yet according to a new report from the The Wrap. If confirmed however, he will be working with Immortals and The Cell helmer Tarsem Singh and producer Andrew Lazar, with a script by Craig Rosenberg which centers on a man forced in a race against time to prevent the apocalypse after he receives a mysterious package with a pre-reocrded warning from himself.

Reeves is already set for a role in the current development of a new action drama series titled Rain, along with a number of features in place, including sci-fi thrillers, Replicas and Passengers. Independent production company Good Universe is behind the project while we await what lies ahead for what could be another seller for Reeves, even if major studios aren't showing him as much love nowadays as they used to.

Stay tuned for more info.

H/T: The Wrap


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