Jason David Frank Dodges Bullets In The New Series Trailer For TAZ KAYDEN: OPERATION BLACK UNICORN

Sure, not a day goes by that actor, martial artist and social media superstar Jason David Frank doesn't acknowledge the fan outpouring he still receives from his Power Ranger fame of yesteryear. To date, it's a role he still celebrates in some capacity with recurring performances on televison, as well as online through Machinima's reality webseries, My Morphin Life, and with any luck, the big screen by 2016.

This time though, he's going from green to civilian/tactical threads with guns blazing from all corners and bullets raining from up above in next year's explosive action series pilot, Taz Kayden: Operation Black Unicorn. He'll be joined by fellow former Power Ranger cast member, actor Jason Faunt, actor and underground Batman Kevin Porter and wrestling star-turned-actor John Morrison in a series that mingles a bit between The Expendables and FX series, Archer with a heavy comic book influence, which could serve as something fresh and new to fans. This, of course, with a few nods here and there? ...Something about a flute? Hm.

Taz Kayden (Jason David Frank) a mercenary for hire, is tasked with the job of retrieving the "Black Unicorn" weapon from his revenge fueled ex-partner Russell Wallace (John Morrison) before it's sold to an underground terrorist group.
The project is expected to kick off with a crowdfunding campaign by January 2015. Superhero fan platform and entertainment channel Bat In The Sun are behind the new project, and links to their Facebook page can be found upon opening the description of the video below in a new tab. Take a look!


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