Is Summit Trying To Cast TOM CRUISE For HIGHLANDER?

In 1986, you likely wouldn't have guessed that director Russell Mulcahy's fantasy swordplay actioner, Highlander, would live to see a cult following after earning low numbers upon its release. Fortunately however, it accomplished just that, with the addition of television shows and enough continual theatrical flops that would make one wonder just why these films were ever made.

Needless to say, while the concept of immortals doing battle throughout time is still a wonderful concept to play with, it is also one that has drawn a huge fanbase. Well, as of 2008, Summit Entertainment has officially been forwarding those efforts to tap into that very base with a fresh remake of its own, a move which, at the very least, is taking quite some time.

With Snow White And The Huntsman VFX supervisor and second unit director, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan set to make his directorial debut, casting is still underway with at least one actor's name now being circulated to star in a supporting role. That actor would be Tom Cruise, still on the road filming next December's Mission: Impossible 5, and currently not involved in any talks at the table. Nonetheless, the actor has striken interest with those involved on the film, intent on casting him in a role similar or equal to that of actor Sean Connery's portrayal of BC-born Eygptian immortal, Juan Sánchez Villa-Lobos Ramírez.

Starring Christopher Lambert in the lead role of Connor MacLeod, Ramirez, the bearer of a "Dragon Head" katana from Japan and once a Metallurgist in service of King Charles V in Spain, appeared in Highlander to mentor MacLeod, who himself discovers his immortality earlier on after being killed by a Kurgan warlord and ousted by his people upon his revival; The two ultimately share a supernatural bond as Ramirez teaches MacLeod the ways of "The Quickening" - the energy of all living things - in lieu of a deadly game that awaits MacLeod that will ultimately pit him against other immortals mysteriously walking the Earth in search of the ultimate "Prize".

The film itself procured four more films in the franchise with at least two live-action television shows and an animated series in the past twenty years or so. Unfortunately, neither of these were enough to help keep the franchise from falling into obscurity by the time the fifth film, Highlander: The Source was released in 2007. So for Summit to take interest in readapting the property for a fresher, more cohesive approach that could finally do the concept justice is something that some may see as illogical. However, with a different cast and crew that could spawn a better vision, who knows?

Fast And Furious saga alum and pending finale helmer Justin Lin is executive producing the film with Twilight saga scribe Melissa Rosenberg last tasked to pen the script. Watch this space.
QUESTION: Can there be only one franchise for Highlander? Or could there be another? Comment below and share your thoughts!
H/T: The Wrap


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