INDEPENDENCE DAY 2 Gets A Greenlight

The 1996 release of director Roland Emmerich's summer blockbuster, Independence Day, has to be one of the most memorable movie going experiences I've ever shared. It had all the trimmings for the hit that it would become, with actor Will Smith headlining alongside the likes of Jeff Goldblum, Bill Pullman in an action adventure packed with dogfight among fighter jets and alien crafts, coupled with perfectly-timed humor and drama, and an explosive ending that would ultimately garner what many have hoped would be an immediate sequel.

Well, it's finally happening. It only took about eighteen years to make happen with plenty of stops and starts, but a new report from Deadline confirms a sequel has been officially greenlit for production to begin next May without Smith's reprisal. A June 24, 2016 date has been clocked for the film, which has since been resigned to one movie with a potential third, from what was announced earlier on as a twofer by 2016. Emmerich is likely to finalize his deal and return to the director's chair, with a script by Nicolas Wright and James A. Woods, and a rewrite of an earlier draft from writer Carter Blanchard.

The news also comes just six months after Emmerich was announced to return for the first of a fresh new trilogy reboot of his 1994 blockbuster, Stargate, which should be some delightful news for sci-fi fans. Updates are still pending though, so we'll learn more in due time what awaits moviegoers of the sci-fi kind in the next few years.


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