Here's Another Batch Of Online Action Shorts From Around The Web!

As many of you all know in partaking in our collective readership, I also try to share the spotlight with all the various talented performers out their presenting their own short test fight samples online. I do try to cover as much as I get my hands on or whatever comes my way, although it's challenging at times to lend individual coverage for each project I spot. So, in the spirit of keeping up with independent artists, I'm now presenting clusters of micro articles like this. It probably won't be a weekly thing, but if it helps entertain and grant folks an opportunity to share their craft more, then all the better. So, here goes!

An active team since 2010, Kung Fu Heroes recently unveiled a new promo reel to headline some of their previous and upcoming work. A few of their members I know of already have projects of their own, including D.Y. Sao's latest creation, Cambodian Killers, now underway as a limited series. As for the reel, "Not Giving In" by Rudimental is the song of choice, a lively song for an otherwise livelier reel. Take a look!

South Africa-based indie film and team, Arcade Killers first came on my radar back in August. With screenfighting also on their agenda, I took notice at the time, and they have some cool stuff on the way as well. In the meantime, their latest skit is now online spoofing Capcom's Street Fighter in Slogat vs. Chun Duy, with principle performances by stuntman Slobodan and stuntwoman Duy Panouvic. It was a project they tried to complete in time for Halloween and ultimately couldn't. Still though, silliness, comedy, action...good times!

The next clip comes straight from Thai action and screenfighting group, The Action Guys. It's a three-on-three malay and another short example of some of the amazing talent overseas worth taking note of, assembled at the behest of its founder, actor and stuntman Charlie Ruedpoknanon back in April. They have a page where you can find more of their awesome material which you can check out by clicking here!

Next, filmmaker and action veteran Jeff Centauri, fully immersed in nurturing the action industry in the Philippines has another fun little video on his YouTube channel titled Pinay Rival, a spin on his previous short from a few weeks ago that is also on its way to a second. Here, perfomers Andrea Lee and Rev Salmanca take on each other, and while Ms. Lee remarkably manages to switch so quickly between outfits. It's silly and entertaining, and it's worth a look.

And lastly, straight from indie director, martial artist and stuntman Bryan Sloyer comes his latest step in the evolution of his craft behind the camera with the new short One Rule. Jerry Quill, Eric "Jay Kwon" Jeong and Jeremy Tristan also star, and the one rule seen here is probably the best, most creative thing I've seen from Sloyer's channel yet. That, on top of some of the detailed editing and shots between techniques shows the level of intricacy he's paying attention to, which makes watching these all the more fun to watch.

Subscribe to these channels, and if you're a filmmaker or a martial artist with a good quality action short or a test fight you would like to share, feel free to shoot me an email at

Photo: @thekungfuheroes via Twitter


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