Fan Fights, Pre-Viz, Superpowers And More In This Latest Batch Of Test Fights!

As previously stated, I've foregone doing individual pieces for many short test fights I spot around the web considering how difficult it is to keep track, in addition to gaining insight on how they come together and the minds behind them. Many are very good and deserve a platform on which they can be shared and presented, and I'm humbled and glad to use this blog when I can to make an effort and be one of the few that do so.

Feel free to check out my previous entry by following this link. Beyond that, here we go:

Thailand-based screenfighting and stunt group, The Action Guys are back to thrill fight fans with a new test fight titled Room Service. Try getting ambushed in a tight space wearing only a towel and a thick skin against a Karambit-knife wielding intruder and see how you like it! Indie action director and stuntman Charlie Ruedpoknanon is the man behind the camera once more, with key performances by Wirwat Kemklad and Tanawich Wongsuwan, and its only a few minutes long with a surprise twist at the end that you'll get a kick out of. And there's more at the bottom of the page from this group to check out as well!

I've covered Florida's stunt community from time to time and there's plenty of talent down there that deserve some attention, especially the folks in actor and stuntman David Conk's new test video titled Gunplay. Fellow stuntmen Ben Aycrigg, Adam Lytle and Travis Gomez are also in the video playing with a little bit of gun-choreography, and as always, stuff like this is fun to watch while one can hope this kind of material will be applied at greater scales.

The next video is pretty self-explantory. It's called Tie Fighters and was featured on a recent episode of TV personality Jimmy Kimmel's late night talk show with the ever-talented, actor and filmmaker Freddie Wong, where the two engage in an epic battle between themselves. And their ties. FYI, Wong has always been known to be mind blowing, and if you're new to him, be sure to head over to RocketJump and find out a lot more!

It's been a while since independent filmmaker Yung Lee did a video, and mostly because he works. So at the end of last week, he finally came back with a brand new action video titled The Hunger Games: Reloaded. You can probably guess which popular film franchise this particular gem is attributed to, but it's got some awesome visual spectacle blended in to showcase Lee's own visionary style of bringing fun-filled entertainment to your screens at home. His platform is called GakAttack, and you would be wise to follow suit and look it up.

Over here, well...I'm not sure we can get enough 'Raid' fanfare at this point, especially considering the reception the sequel got earlier this year. That said, actor, magician and stuntman Anthony Hoang took a trip to Los Angeles about a month ago for some playtime over at Action Factory, and while there, he eventually crossed paths with stunt performers Jeremy Tristan, Jon Miguel, and Nick Krawiec and decided to do a little test fight sequence involving gunplay and martial arts at an undisclosed private facility, which looks perfect for use of breakaway walls with some of the stunts they performed. James Poirier (The End Of December) was the man behind the lens, and while they had some more ideas they wanted to play with before getting kicked off the premesis by some on-site officials, it's still a great find.

As for great finds, well, here's something greater: If you're into all things Raid-related, you've likely seen both films by now from director Gareth Evans and know full-well of the sheer brutality envisioned for this franchise. No, we won't see any real movement on a third installation of the saga until another several years, although its lead actor, Iko Uwais is leading the way in directing the action sequences for the upcoming American remake. As such, one can only hope that film will look as badass as both original films, as it takes a good amount of hardwork to put together great action sequences on film. For Evans, pre-visualization is key, and we now have another does of it via the official Vimeo channel for Merantau Films now host to the behind-the-scenes test choreo for one of the film's most brutal action sequences: The Prison Yard Melee.

And yes, The Raid 2 is now available where movies are sold.

And lastly, leave it to lensman, martial artist and actor Charlie Ruedpoknanon and two members of his Thai action stunt team, The Action Guys, for their own fan-fueled take on the stellar final fight of The Raid 2. If you saw the film, you know how gruesome it gets, and seeing as how this one was shot on short notice, I love how they reflected on the concept behind that final match so awesomely. Keep your eyes peeled, because this re-enactment is a real killer! :-)

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Photo: Room Service cast and crew


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