Best known for his previous role in the hit TV series, Parks And Recreation, Wanted (2009) co-star Chris Pratt made a huge splash this summer with Marvel's blockbuster surprise hit of the summer, Guardians Of The Galaxy. Well, things are about to get even better, now that the actor has since earned a favorable place among writers at GQ on their latest cover as Man Of The Year, in which case, hopefully it doesn't get too crowded.

The official word from Collider dictates Pratt's latest attachment for the lead role in the upcoming graphic novel adaptation, Cowboy Ninja Viking, a 2009 publication from Image Comics via Shadowline. Created by writer A.J. Lieberman and artist Riley Rossmo, the new film will center on Pratt in the role of Duncan, the product of a government program that transforms people with multiple personality disorders into highly trained agents known as "Triplets", who is forced to hunt down others like himself using his unique skillset highlit by his three distinct personalities: a cowboy, a ninja, and a viking.

Universal has since picked up the project with producer Mark Gordon (untitled Steve Jobs biopic) attached to produce after it stayed in limbo with no movement from Disney after a draft of the script was complete prior to Quantum Of Solace helmer Marc Foster's disinterest in directing. That said, casting and crewing is now underway while there is no further info yet on whether or not Pratt will portray all three of his personalities for his unified character, or if other actors will be attached.

In the meantime, Pratt is expected to appear in Colin Trevorrow's Jurrasic World on June 12, 2015, in addition to reprising his role as "Star Lord" in James Gunn's Marvel sequel, Guardians Of The Galaxy 2 on May 5, 2017.

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