Check Out The Teaser For This Mystery Project From Danish Action Team, STUNT 360

European Stunt School founder, filmmaker and longtime stuntman Jacob Sebastian Malm is currently in his eleventh year of activity with Copenhagen-based international stunt and screenfighting performance team, Stunt 360. It's been a busy year for Malm and his team, and will continue to be so in 2015 as he and his team make their way in the industry on an international level, and fortunately, these plans won't infringe on what they currently have going on for their own projects as well, as indicated by a recent teaser they have available on their channel showcasing U.K. martial artist and stuntwoman, actress Lauren Okadigbo.

The teaser is quite short, but there are plans to extrapolate this project into something much larger with more parts. What that could mean is still a mystery, but Malm has clearly become comfortable in the past year or so while working with Okadigbo, whose background includes Cecily Fay's martial arts stage show, Babes With Blades (2011), and movement artistry in Marc Foster's World War Z (2013).

"...It was immediately obvious to me that she had something special to offer." says Malm. "She's a versatile and strong performer, and I wanted to showcase her skills in an Western industry that's slowly changing the "hero" stereotype into a non-gender-specific role, which I find welcoming!"

Moreover, stellar action choreographer Tim Man (Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear) is the mind behind the action sequences of this upcoming project which is currently gearing up for a muti-part series shot throughout Europe with each episode clocked at about ten minutes. Nice!

The project is tentatively expected to be completed in time for a Spring online premiere, and while there is not yet a title, it'll be fun to speculate between now and then. In the meantime, if you haven't seen the teaser yet, check it out below and put Stunt 360 on your radar for things to look out for in 2015.


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