A New Threat Looms In The New Second Season Teaser For BLACK: THE SERIES

Filmmaker Frank T. Ziede had a stellar first run last year with season one of his independently-funded online action series, Black, starring 22-year veteran and former Navy SEAL, actor Mikal Vega (Transformers: Age Of Extinction, G.I. Joe: Retaliation) as the leader of a special-ops team created in response to a terrorist attack on American soil.

Since then, the success of season one led to a season two greenlight with much more potential to present a story greater in depth, size and scale to up the ante, and thanks to another victorious fundraiser back in March, Ziede and his team plan to do just that. Of course, what this means is a threat greater than just a few rotten apples. That's right. Our heroes will now be dealing with a horde of high-level mercenaries led by a criminal cyberterrorism organization aimed at targeting the world's financial markets from within the U.S..

Needless to say, the stakes are higher as the explosive action and intrigue ensues when the new season debuts early next year!

Vega will be joined by a mix of new and returning cast members that include actors Daniel Betances and John T. Woods, actor and U.S. Army Ranger Hall Of Famer Howard "Mad Max" Mullen, former recon Marine Andre Jackson, former U.S. Navy SEAL Mark Golden, and actor Cary Hiroyuki-Tagawa to name a few. Watch the teaser below and subscribe to the channel, and if you have about twenty or so minutes to spare, the full first season is available in the embed just beneath!


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