Z-Team Films' DIE FIGHTING Goes On Demand This November!

In what can only be described as one of the most exemplary cases of dilligence, the independent filmmaking team over at the now Los Angeles-based Z-Team Films have now seen the first of their long-awaited efforts come to pass. Their newest feature-length debut, Die Fighting, comes roughly fourteen years after the team first got together in Beijing by way of France, contributing to the growing popularity of online action shorts with notable gems like Duel and Brothers Forever.

Co-founding members, martial artists and actors Lohan Buson, and director Fabien Garcia spoke to Film Combat Syndicate a few months ago just as their new film began gaining recognition during Action On Film Festival 2014, evidently winning Best Fight Choreography and earning Buson accolades for Breakout Action Star; Respective links are attributed HERE and HERE where you can read more about their past and future endeavors. Meanwhile, it's high time their film saw an audience, so Gravitas Ventures will be granting North America martial arts fans a proper video-on-demand release beginning on November 4, 2014.

When a team of Shaolin-trained kung fu actors are on the verge of breaking into Hollywood, a shady Director forces them through a gauntlet in Los Angeles, filming their every move as they are pitted against a gallery of thugs.
International release info is still pending from Lighthouse Pictures. Garcia and Buson are joined by Didier Buson, Jess Allen and Dave Vescio, with Adelyne Liu, Xin Sarith Wuku, Jose Rosete, Gray Michael Sallies, Davis Chong, Michael Antonio Griffith Jr. and Aoni Ma rounding out the cast.

Watch the trailer below and follow the movie on Facebook!


  1. wow...
    too much crazy moves man!

    i need to see this movie to truly judge the moves, because right now from what i've seen, it looks like the best fighting moves and choreograph in any martial arts i've ever seen!!!

    but i just hate the fact that its a low budget movie man:/


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