Wu Jing's WOLF WARRIORS Howl At AFM 2014 Next Month!

Aside from taking center stage on an alluring set of patriotic posters for his upcoming commando action thriller, Wolf Warriors, multifaceted martial arts action star Wu Jing is finally getting his day at the American Film Market next month for his new directorial debut. The film is one of the few final performances from the beloved genre favorite in lieu of mandatory leg surgery which has since put his career on indefinite hold.

Leng Feng is a rebellious special force soldier. During an assault mission, he disobeys an direct order, shooting three bullets through a concrete wall for a kill shot on the drug lord, hence the nickname “Cruel Three Shots”. 
While serving time in confinement for insubordination, Leng Feng ’s extraordinary marksmanship earns himself recruitment into China’s elite “Wolf Warrior" Squadron. 
By going through relentless military drills, Leng Feng slowly finds his place among his comrades. Just when everyone thinks the drill is over, the squadron is ambushed by a troop of foreign mercenaries who sworn to kill Leng Feng and avenge their drug lord’s death. 
Chunqiu Time Film Co., Ltd.will be on hand at the event to represent the film on Wednesday, November 5 at 3:00pm Pacific Standard Time at the AMC Santa Monica #3. The film is also co-written by Wu who also produced with Jianmin Lv. Wu stars alongside actress Yu Nan, actors Scott Adkins and Vincent Zhao and many more. The film opens in China in 3D and IMAX 3D this January.

As a noteworthy mention, Wu's latest and tentatively final performance with action star Tony Jaa in SPL 2: A Time For Consequences will be held in double billing with Joe Chien's Zombie Fight Club the following Friday. If you missed any of the posters for Wolf Warriors, CLICK HERE to check them out, and stay tuned for more info!


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