Watch The Official Trailer For Robin Schmidt's Asian Extreme Crime Thriller Short, DOG

UK filmmaker Robin Schmidt's on going endeavors in the action genre remain to be seen following the completion of his latest shortfilm, Dog. However, considering the accolades he and the other half of his indie platform, We Are Supermassive, lead actor Simon Wan have received during their film festival run this year, one may hope that if not a sequel, that another action-packed project from the duo may come to pass.

Moreover, having reviewed Dog for myself, I can certainly say it has been a proven experiment in bringing much-needed martial arts action to the U.K. Its evolution from a once two-part hip-hop music video to an award-winning, eccentric, full-blown and thrilling crime drama with trippy visuals to enhance the psychosis of our demented anti-hero, coupled with brutal action sequences by Chris Jones and own Leeds-based stunt team, SG Action, make Dog an otherwise excellent treat to enjoy.

A gangster's pet hitman is charged with baby sitting a building and the only thing stopping him going mad is an old gameboy and his noodles. One night a young woman looking for a flame for her drugs and a pillow for her head changes his whole universe.
Sophia Del Pizzo and SG Action's own Martin Wan also star. Watch the official trailer for Dog below and stay tuned for its release!

DOG Official Trailer 2014 from SUPER MASSIVE on Vimeo.


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