The Road To Fast And Furious 7 Starts Today!

Sunday's news has probably been the biggest news in film in a long time - even bigger if you're a fan of  Universal Pictures' The Fast And The Furious frachise.

Director James Wan is in the chair for the seventh upcoming release of the film now officially titled, Furious 7, set for April 3, 2015. The film is one of the more hotly anticipated installments of the franchise in the years since it kicked off in 2001 with helmer Rob Cohen's The Fast And The Furious with lead actors Vin Diesel and Paul Walker, set in the world of Los Angeles's illegal street racing scene. And with a seventh installation on the way, the film has turned from gritty urban crime story to an epic saga full of action and adventure of massive proportions.

The series has also been one of the more heartfelt properties, generating millions of fans who have grown close to the actors in this amazing story branched through many memorable characters along the way, including that of Walker's character Brian O'Connor, and fans will yet see how events will play out pertaining to the changes that were made following the actor's accidental death in November last year. That said, the challenges for the production have been immense, and as such, the future remains unclear about just how much of an impact these changes will have on the future of the series. With any luck however, those questions will now be answered via the film's official Facebook page in the following post, which also included the brand new artwork.

In accordance with the Facebook post, Universal Pictures is marking today's announcement with the start of a new viral video campaign with seven seconds of video from the film's first trailer, which will launch in whole via simulcast from Universal Studios next week.

In addition, we now have a new announcement trailer highlighting spectacular moments from the previous six films leading up to the official trailer launch for Furious 7 on November 1. Watch the promo below and subscribe to the film via social media wherever available to stay in touch with the film!


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