The New Promo Teaser For GARUDA 7 Shimmers With Action Gold

With filming still set to commense in early 2015, the production for writer and director Baf Sjamsuddin's newest ensemble actioner, Gardua 7 has moved up a step with its first polished teaser trailer. The film is largely an inspired return to the glory days of a once-booming industry that highlighted veteran stars like Barry Prima and Willy Dozan.

With the popularity of franchises like The Expendables as of late, Sjamsuddin's got plans of his own to help further revive Indonesia's action cinema industry. It's taken roughly four years to accomplish, but Sjamsuddin and his team at Lifevolution Pictures are getting over the hump with every intention of turning 2015 into a year of progress.

As a young nation, Indonesia stores some of its darker, more lucrative secrets within several groups of people and agencies, all with different agendas. Garuda 7 is a fictitious crew, based on several conspiracy theorists within Indonesia, which many of them say consists of the best of the best from the military and civilian intellectuals. This film tries to tap in to the underworld of Indonesian history, with values of patriotism and righteous acts of valor heavily embedded inside.
Prima and Dozan are joined by actors George Rudy, Dede Yusuf, Avent Christie and Fendy Pradhana, in addition to Volland Humonggio, Verdy Bawantha, Adhi Sastro, Adie Prasetya, Mario Christie and many more. Check out the teaser below, and CLICK HERE to check out the two preliminary teasers from earlier this month!


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