Malaysian Parkour Thriller, RENTAP, Flies High In A New Trailer!

Malaysia has proven to have its fair share of action films, and not a lot of them get the publicity they deserve. Hopefully one day that will change as directors continue to flourish, like that of Simon Long whose latest energetic freerunning flick, Rentap, certainly appears to have all the right moves to entertain its proper audience.

Feature film ‘Rentap is a fast-paced action comedy film about two ordinary brothers who are into ‘Parkour’, an exciting sport that requires self-discipline and team spirits which has never been film in the Malaysian market. A storyline which brings out positive themes of bravery, loyalty and friendship, it focuses on young people who must find belief within themselves, the strength to overcome great danger to save whom they care for.

‘Rentap’ has a good combination of entertaining features such as spectacular Parkour sequences, comedy elements, breathtaking scenes together with a touch of romance! A perfect blend for today’s youth!

The title itself carries some historical meaning, so it would be interesting how it gets applied this particular setup, blending a dash of slapstick comedy and youthful charm with high-energy feats of traceurs and stuntfighting. Luckily, filmgoers in Malaysia will get to see how it all goes down when its comes out on December 4.

Peep the trailer just beneath!


  1. i wonder if this will be good:/ doesn't look serious enough.
    but i don't remember watching a Malaysian film before thoguh


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