Eddie Peng And Sammo Hung Duke It Out In The New RISE OF THE LEGEND Trailer!

Revisting the classic story of legendary martial arts master Wong Fei-Hung for the big screen is not something you take lightly. Alas, expectations are quite high for this newest origin telling from director Roy Chow in Rise Of The Legend, pitting lead actor Eddie Peng at the center of late Qing Dynasty upheaval in Guangzhou, against smarms of gangs and a human trafficking ring.

The film will also reportedly deal with other layers of Wong's life, regarding love, and his relationship with his father - all of which could help shape the film in advance toward greater prospects. Ergo, if sequels are to be, then watching Peng trade blows with legendary action star Sammo Hung is also a great way to get things started.

Rest assured, the latest trailer below is just one in a handful of promotional videos fans can expect along the way until its release throughout Asia starting late next month. Universal Pictures International has worldwide distribution rights outside China, in which case, expect the film to arrive in English-language territoties and other countries next year.

Watch the new trailer below, along with a new short promo!


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