Director Christian Sesma's VIGILANTE DIARIES Gets A New Poster

From L to R: Paul Sloan, Jason Mewes and Quinton "Rampage" Jackson
Not too long after the unveiling of the latest teaser trailer for director Christian Sesma's 2015 action thriller, Vigilante Diaries, the production released the first of pending poster art ahead of its upcoming presentation at the American Film Market in Santa Monica, California next month. The film is offering a mixed bag of new faces to its old line-up originally stemming from its earlier roots as a hopeful exclusive webseries, boasting crazy, high-octane action and spectacle with stylish storytelling, and fully-loaded characters to make this feature-length expansion worth every playing minute.

Check out the new poster art below, in addition to the latest explosive teaser trailer just beneath!

Based on the graphic novel web series, VIGILANTE DIARIES the feature film, explodes with a genre bending, action packed ride following documentary filmmaker Mike Hanover (Jason Mewes) as he and a badass team of mercs, led by Wolfman (Quinton Rampage Jackson) go off to find the infamous Vigilante (Paul Sloan), now missing for the past 7 months. But an Armenian mob boss out for revenge will stop at nothing to prevent the Vigilante’s return as Mr. Moreau (Michael Madsen) a mysterious operative, pulls strings we cannot yet see.


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