Tobey MacGuire To Produce Female-Led Sony-Acquired Sci-Fi Actioner, THE EDEN PROJECT

Details are scarce at the moment, but if all things go according to plan, cult sci-fi and female-centric action may have another venture to look forward to on the big screen. And who do we have to thank for this? Well, that turns out to be the folks over at Sony Pictures who have just picked up a script in the form of another new potential action sci-fi franchise starter, The Eden Project.

The Cider House Rules and former Spider-Man actor, Tobey MacGuire, will be flexing his producing muscles under his Material banner along with Matthew Plouffe. Blacklist writer Christina Hodson provided the script which will center around two females in a science-fiction action story, the potential first of its own trilogy for Sony/Columbia. That's it. That is all that's being allowed public at this point, so you're allowed to be a little bit frustrated, although it's safe to say that the gaining promotional efforts of films like Jupiter Ascending and the Hunger Games and Divergent franchises, in addition to the forthcoming adaptation of the 2013 YA novel, The 5th Wave as of late, may leave filmgoers expecting another flick geared toward a PG-13 audience.

But, I digress. It is early so official details are still on the way. And if you like watching girls kick future-tense ass, The Eden Project is worth bookmarking.



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