Moviegoers in China can expect a stellar new revival of the story of iconic martial artist and healer Wong Fei-Hung in director Roy Chow's new film, Rise Of The Legend. Produced by Bill Kong and Ivy Ho, the film releases on November 21 in China with Unbeatable star, actor Eddie Peng in an origin-oriented telling of Wong's story, based on a screenplay by Fearless and True Legend scribe Christine To.

In the late Qing Dynasty, a young man called Wong Fei Hung rises up against corruption and injustice to become a master of his time and an everlasting legend in the world of martial arts.
Universal Pictures International boarded the film in June announcing it will distribute the movie in North America and worldwide. A teaser has already gone viral for the film's forthcoming release, as well as a batch of character posters. You can check them all out in the embed below, as well as some new set pics from the movie featuring action legend Sammo Hung and more!

H/T: Eddie Peng


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