Lunar Stunts Presents: PANDORA'S BOX 2

Lunar Stunts Action Cinema is another one of those rare hidden gems you will find if you use the internet enough in search of stylish independently-produced fight action. Here, founder, independent filmmaker and action designer Eric Nguyen's craft has been continually growing little by little, in size and scale of stuntwork, as well as artistic delivery with each project, including his latest offering now available on his channel in the form of Pandora's Box 2, following the release of its predecessor back in March.

Clocking in at about eleven minutes with just five days of shooting in between, Nguyen brings forth a story much more enhanced in drama than the first, which does the action just a little more justice. Mickey Arce takes the lead with an appearance by Nguyen himself, and if you're a film buff and love all things film with a splash of Woo and a touch of Scorsese, you might like what you see here.
A tradition that has been carried by the company every year, a troubled hit-man shows up late to find out there are only two slips of paper, one that can easily make him the next target for a hit.

Watch the short film below and subscribe for more amazing content from Lunar Stunts Action Cinema.


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