Lots Of Bruises And Pain In A New Featurette For RISE OF THE LEGEND!

Ah! Let the teasing commense!

Ten hours a day for eight months is the reported duration spent while training lead actor Eddie Peng and the principle cast and crew for the forthcoming release of director Roy Chow's new film, Rise Of The Legend. Peng steps into shoes of previous legendary actors to claim the role of cinematic kung fu icon and late martial arts master and healer, Wong Fei-Hung in Chow's origin telling of young Wong's inspirational rise against corruption and injustice in the late Qing Dynasty.

Of course, training through pre-production and principal photography didn't come without its fair share of injuries for its cast, particularly Peng who once injured his hand on set. And this is just one of the stories fans are bound to learn more about as the film commenses its promotional push with the usual trailers, stills and behind-the-scenes featurettes, including the latest cast training video from Edko Films featuring Chow, Peng, fight choreographer Corey Yuen and the rest of the cast.

Check it out below and keep your eyes peeled for more on the way as things are just getting started. No English subs are available, unfortunately, but the shots of the actors bruising and wincing in pain should give you an idea.

Catch the latest trailer by clicking here as well!


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