Dolph Lundgren To Star In WAR PIGS And 4 TOWERS

With Skin Trade currently in post production, cinematic blockbuster action hero Dolph Lundgren's time is now being spent with Saints And Soldiers trilogy helmer Ryan Little for the forthcoming production of War Pigs, a World War II action adventure epic about a disgraced U.S. Army captain assigned to train a rag tag team of soldiers to infiltrate the Nazi regime and destroy their secret "wonder weapon". Screenwriters Andrew Knightlinger and producer Steven Luke are providing the script with a meaty cast of action muscle with fellow Expendables alum Mickey Rourke along with MMA pro Chuck Liddell and actor Luke Goss.

The film reportedly has funding, but recently tried to raise a little extra on Kickstarter to pay for extras and other vehicle props before crowdfunding was cancelled sometime thereafter. I suppose this means they have the funds now, although I'm not sure. Whatever the case may be, Lundgren fans clammoring for more of the usual action fanfare have something to look forward to when War Pigs finally comes out.

On the other hand, things get even better with word that Lundgren will be joining another Expendables franchise alum and Universal Soldier: Day Of Reckoning co-star, action star Scott Adkins for their new flick, 4 Towers, with actor Gianni Capaldi rumored to be joining the two along with actress Kelly Overton. The writers and director are unknown at this point but the plot is said to center around Italy's tactical SWAT team and interpol units as they infiltrate an 11th century castle where a Serbian ex-soldier has taken a corporate dinner company hostage in an attempt to capture Mussolini's cursed gold and treasure. Promising another chock-full of action and spectacle with thrilling knife fights to boot, 4 Towers sounds like a good way to keep things running on the action front, especially if you've been hoping for another Adkins actioner following his departure from director Stephen Fung's Kickboxer remake.

Adkins is on the way with his next collaboration with director Isaac Florentine in Close Range, and is also up to appear opposite action star and debut director Wu Jing in Wolf Warrior this December in China. Next year he'll be seen with actor Sacha Baron Cohen in the upcoming comedy, Grimsby, and director Ariel Vroman's Criminal with Kevin Costner and Ryan Renyolds.

Lundgren will join fellow action hero Tony Jaa in Skin Trade sometime next year, with dates also to be announced for Goss's appearances in director Christian Sesma's AWOL 72 with RZA, and The Nightcrew with Paul Sloan and Bokeem Woodbine.

Stay tuned for more info!

H/T: The Action Elite


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