Cinematic Fight Studio Presents: VIVERE

You gotta give credit where credit is due. If it weren't for the popularity of films like Merantau or The Raid and its sequel, the chances are that we would still be waiting. Well, leave it to the dwelling artists of the independent online action community, unafraid to experiment with whatever tools they need in building their filmmaking fight muscles for the sake of keeping action alive, whether they're bare fists, feet, or maybe even Karambit knives!

Such an example can now be seen at New York City's own Cinematic Fight Studio where independent action filmmaker, fight trainer and up-and-coming actor Lang Yip has just released his newest online gem in the form of Vivere. Yip filmed the six-and-a-half minute sequence for eight hours with twenty-minute breaks on a sweltering August day this summer with actor and fellow CFS trainer and member Neyssan Falahi, who has been with their studio since its launch a year ago.

Vivere was also a last minute effort for Yip to collaborate with Falahi once more before the latter relocated to California at the top of the month to pursue acting. Well, it's a nice and neat little piece of indie film, and not for the faint of heart either. It is a knife fight after all.

Check it out below and subscribe to the official channel for Cinematic Fight Studio for more brutality!


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