Check Out This Action-Packed Oldie-But-Goodie From ABALLA STUNTS

Independent action shorts are always a nifty perk when you have internet access and a love for the genre. Unfortunately, not every gem that goes viral gets put in front of you...well at least not right away.

Such is the case for a cool little shortfilm shared back an April from North Africa's own Algeria-based Aballa Stunts where independent filmmaker Benabdella Mohamed and his team of versatile martial artists, trickers and stuntmen have been perfecting their craft online for several years now. The short story for Mohamed's video, solely titled as an "action reel", sets up an awesome three-way fight in the second half, and while it's rough around the edges, it looks just as pleasing. And to boot, the soundtrack they use is exemplary of where they get their inspiration from.

There aren't any subtitles, unfortunately. Thankfully however, if you love martial arts on film, then Aballa Stunts speaks your language. Check it out and subscribe to their channel, and feel free to show their Facebook page some love as well!

H/T: Tarek Arehal


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