A Century Of Indonesian Action Gets A Musical Welcome In The First Teaser For Upcoming Semi-Documentary, GARUDA POWER: THE SPIRIT WITHIN

Director Bastian Meiresonne is currently in the middle of preparing for a grand representation of an entire century of Indonesian action cinema over at the 19th annual Busan International Film Festival. It is there that he will grant an audience the world premiere of Shaya Productions's latest docu-fiction venture, Garuda Power: The Spirit Within, a cinematic retrospective aimed at reinvigorating a time in history when Indonesia's action film production industry was at its highest, with interviews with a number of actors (some of who are still working today), including Barry Prima, George Rudy, Imam Tantowi, Ackyl Anwari and many more.
The docu-fiction GARUDA POWER is the final result of many years of research about Indonesian Action Movies - or what's still left of it. It focuses on Action Movies from the first Chinese-influenced martial arts movies of the 1930s, the James Bond copies of the swinging 1960s, the Bruce Lee-alikes and super hero comic book adaptations of the 1970s, the golden age of the 1980s up to recent worldwide success of the two RAID movies.
The 19th annual Busan International Film Festival will last from October 2 through 11. Feel free to visit the official website for more information. Otherwise, the first teaser is just below!


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