Watch The New Trailer For ICEMAN From Well Go USA!

If you lost count when asked on the spot just how many films actor Donnie Yen has been working on recently, you're totally forgiven.

The last few years have been pretty grueling for the martial arts action superstar and continual working man who has at least two more films headed for a domestic release in Asia this October while busy out in New Zealand filming scenes for Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon 2: The Green Destiny. One of those two films will be a sequel to his April release, Iceman 3D, the reboot to director Clarence Fok's 1989 original classic that wasn't without its fair share of headlines both before and after production due to an oversized budget and a slate of mixed-reaction from fans and critics alike. Nevertheless, North American distributor Well Go USA has set the film's limited theatrical release date for September 19 following their mid-Cannes acquisition of the film last year.

A Ming Dynasty palace guard - wrongly accused of a murder - is being hunted by his three sworn brothers and all four get accidentally buried and kept frozen in time during a battle. 400 years later, they are defrosted and continue the battle while adjusting to modern day life. A Ming Dynasty palace guard - wrongly accused of a murder - is hunted by three sworn brothers bent on revenge. All four are accidentally buried, frozen in time at the height of battle. 400 years later, they are defrosted and resume their mortal struggle…while also adjusting to modern-day life.
Iceman stars Yen along with Wang Baoqiang, Eva Huang, Yu Kang and Simon Yam. Watch the new trailer and visit the official website for more info!


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