Vlad Rimburg Presents: 'KUNG FU JUNGLE' Fan Film

Currently, filmgoers in China are just a few months away from the release of action star Donnie Yen's new martial arts thriller, Kung Fu Killer. In the meantime, pan over to the lens of independent filmmaker Vlad Rimburg, back in the fray once again for another fan-inspired vision now in the vein of Yen's upcoming film, with performances by actors Brendon Huor opposite Bryan Cartago and Gui DaSilva.

If you know Rimburg and his work, you already know this isn't his first stint in the fan-film department, and neither is his creativity without a hefty dose of merit. His stylish two-part action horror take on Yen's late 2013 crime pic, Special ID (The Mute and Blood), and his Raid 2-inspired fan film, Hammergirl, are all pure examples of Rimburg's willingness to play with as many ideas as he can to expand his vision, and not for nothing.

Despite being an independent film figure, Rimburg's presence is increasingly well known among bigger and mainstream circles in the stunt community. There's growing respect for Rimburg, and rest assured, where there's respect, there is also potential. I, for one, hope that potential extends itself on the big screen next to Yen someday, as well as others.

Check out Rimburg's Kung Fu Jungle Fan Film in the embed below, and subscribe to his channel, as well as his for more exciting content!


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