THE GRANDMASTER Will Get A 3D Re-Release This October

Fun fact: martial arts action auteur Yuen Woo-Ping is awesome, a given fact for any martial arts action cinema fan familiar with his name and stellar credits, most notably the long-awaited release of director Wong Kar-Wai's biopictoral martial arts action romance epic, The Grandmaster.

Starring actor Tony Leung in the prolific role of late martial arts pugilist and Wing Chun master, Ip Man, the film is Wong's most expensive project to date, following an arduous production between its announcement in 2008 and its installment of three different versions for China and Hong Kong, its premiere at the 63rd annual Berlin International Film Festival and finally in North America between January and August 2013. 

The film has been the recipient of dozens of awards and nominations ever since, and has been the subject of a 3D conversion by Vancouver-based top-tier Hollywood conversion company, Gener8 Media Corp. in conjuntion with distribution by Beijing's Bona Film Group Ltd., as of a press release back in May. This week, Variety now has the official word of the film's re-release date in 3D form for October 21, 2014, which grants fans a chance to view the film as Wong initially intended.

In light of this, there may be a new trailer and promo art ahead, so stay tuned as this develops. In the meantime, take a look at the trailer for last year's release and keep your eyes peeled.


  1. best amazing movie.
    i hope this new bluray version will be region free!:/


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