New York City Set To Kick-Off The Premiere Of Martial Arts Crime Drama, BRUSH WITH DANGER

A new announcement has gone viral this week hailing the arrival of new blood for the martial arts action genre. Award-winning Indonesian martial arts and film brother/sister duo Ken Zheng and Livi Zheng have traveled the world in winning acclaim for their dynamic tournament performances within the past decade and it appears the two are now ready to hit the big screen with the forthcoming release of Livi's directorial debut, Brush With Danger, with both siblings starring.

Venues in Los Angeles and San Francisco will premiere the film on September 26 and October 3 following its kick-off premiere in New York City, for which Businessweek has the latest press release with all the details you need. For more info, visit the official website.
Filmmaker Livi Zheng's motion picture debut "Brush with Danger" will premiere September 19, 2014 at the Cinema Village theatre in New York City, it was announced today. Livi Zheng, Ken Zheng, Norman Newkirk and Nikita Breznikov star in the martial arts crime thriller. "Brush with Danger" was directed, produced by Livi Zheng and co-written by Livi and her brother, Ken Zheng.  Zane Thomas executive produces the film under the Sun and Moon Films banner.   
"Brush with Danger" tells the story of a brother and sister, who forced to flee their home in China, arrive inside a shipping container in Seattle, Washington to start a new life. Alice (Livi Zheng), an artist, and Ken (Ken Zheng), a martial arts fighter, struggle to survive on the streets until one day an art dealer, Jutus Sullivan (Norman Newkirk) takes an interest in the sister's paintings, agreeing to sell them in his gallery. When Sullivan cons Alice into forging a long lost Van Gogh, the siblings soon find themselves embroiled in a murderous art forgery scheme, seeking to escape their ruthless patron and the police and criminals pursuing him. 
The martial arts crime thriller marks the theatrical motion picture debut of filmmaker Livi Zheng, who co-wrote, directs, produces and stars in "Brush with Danger."  The 25-year-old multi-talented filmmaker fills a unique niche in Hollywood no one else occupies -- a skilled, experienced stunt woman and actress who writes, directs and produces her own action films.  It also marks the big screen debut of 19-year-old internationally ranked martial artist, Ken Zheng, who co-wrote the screenplay and co-stars in the film with his sister. 
"Brush with Danger" was filmed on location in Seattle, Washington and Los Angeles, California. It is being released in New York and other selected cities throughout the United States, beginning September 19th.  


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