MYSTIC BLADE Slices Through With A New Poster And U.S. Release

Film producer, actor, martial arts stuntman and debut director David Ismalone (Ong Bak, The Protector 2), is setting the stage for the upcoming Thai premiere of the martial arts action flick, Mystic Blade. Award-winning martial artist, mentor, actor, stuntman, producer and screenwriter Don Ferguson takes center stage as he plows a path of vengeance through the team of clandestined assassins he used to work for.

The film has also been granted a North American release courtesy of Indican Pictures, which also has a new poster for the film which you can take a gander at below:

Sam is a killer by trade, one of a group of merciless men known as the Shadow Syndicate whose business is delivering fate for a price. But when Sam is asked to erase the line between honor and evil, he turns his back on the Shadows knowing this will make him a wanted man. After years of hiding in the hills of Thailand, Sam falls in love with a beautiful Thai girl named Mali and fathers a son named Shiro. Sam and his family live a simple and happy life fishing and living off the land. But he can't run away from the past and soon finds out what happens when you cross the Shadow Syndicate.  
Sam and his wife are left for dead on a violent and bloody night. They think they have taken everything from him until cries from Shiro bring Sam back to the world of the living. Now with something worth fighting for and a thirst for vengeance; Sam forges a mystical blade from the ashes of his one great love.  Sam and Shiro embark on a journey across the globe to track down these evil men one by one to have their revenge.
Ferguson shares the stage with young son Ronny Ferguson, along with a cast that includes Ismalone himself, as well as Julaluck Ismalone who plays his on-screen wife. Also starring are Conan Stevens, Yothin Udomsanti, Guido Kessler, Jawed Elb, and Tim Man. Indican Pictures has the North American rights to the film which could release on October 14, 2014.

Check out the most recent trailer below and stay tuned as updates progress. Also, feel free to browse through the film's official Facebook page.


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