MYSTIC BLADE Gets An Official U.S. Release Date!

And another chapter makes its final stretch to a close for another epic independent action production, this time for the upcoming release of Mystic Blade, which now has an official North American DVD release date set for October 21, courtesy of Indican Pictures. The film is chock-full of action talents familiar with Thailand's action scene within the past decade, featuring actor, stuntman, martial artist Don Ferguson in his first lead role while serving as writer and executive producer.

Sam is a killer by trade, a former assassin who was part of a group known as the Shadow Syndicate whose business is death. But when Sam falls in love with a beautiful Thai girl (Mali) he tries to leave his former life. They flee to the hills of Thailand where Sam tries to live a normal life with his wife and newborn son (Shiro), but the Syndicate finds him and threatens his family. After a violent confrontation, Sam realizes he can't run from his past, but can only live to protect his son. He forges a mystical blade before embarking on a journey across the globe to exact vengeance on them all...
Director David Ismalone co-stars in addition to actress Julaluck Ismalone, actor Yothin Udomsanti, Bangkok Adrenaline and Vikingdom co-star Conan Stevens, and Ninja: Shadow Of A Tear co-stars Tim Man and Jawed El-Berni. As always, the latest trailer for the film is below in case you've just discovered this film for yourself.


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