Michel Quach Is A Badass Killer Knight In The New Shortfilm Trailer For TEMPLAR

Sometimes, independent film projects can fall to the wayside while others may take longer to finish, especially if there's no budget. Such was the case for director Pasquale Pagano's newest shortfilm, Templar, featuring actor and producer Michel Quach as a futuristic, cybernetically modified killer in-training.

Templar was filmed on location in France in a period of five days from November 2012 through January 2014, and needless to say, fifteen months is a pretty long wait. Thankfully, Templar was a project that managed to keep its freshness ever since, and with a release date now being planned, the project is finally out with a new trailer that enhances all of its strengths. 

In the near future where chaos prevails, the government decided to create a military academy known as Forseti, in order to train elite forces known as the Templars. Each student is raised in quarantine by the government since childhood and is nano-modified, providing physical strengths far greater than those of an average human. 
In order to be ranked as Templar, Rain, one of Forseti's apprentices, must pass his final test: Neutralizing the members of Alastar, an armed organization which illegally creates and distributes nano-augmentations. Rain will be escorted by his instructor, Sunilda, and his partner, Scope.
Quach is joined by actress Chloe Dunn and actors Jeff Lenogue, Sidy Derieue, with Phillip Schurer and Matt Vladimery rounding out the cast. Watch the new trailer below and keep your eyes peeled for more ahead!


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