Indonesian Action Legend Willy Dozan And Son Team Up In The New Trailer For DUEL: THE LAST CHOICE

If you were an action fan living in Indonesia, or if you loved kung fu movies at any point in the last century, your life was pretty good. The genre was quite prominent back then with almost a hundred movies produced per year, and by the 1990's you were likely a hardcore fan of action star and director Willy Dozan (a.k.a. Billy Chong).

As of late, Dozan (Crystal Fist, A Fist Full Of Talons) has been a name amidst the talk of a possible reunion with other Indonesian action legends with Garuda 7, a film that hasn't seen a lot of movement since it was hyped last year, and yet still remains revelant within the blogosphere. But clearly Dozan has been busy within the past year and is now on his way with his latest directorial offering in Duel: The Last Choice, sharing his legacy on set with son, actor, Leon Dozan.

Igo is a former thug who became an egg seller at Cinere market. He has to confront ex-partner Joe Bandit, who breaks his leg. 
Flash forward three years later, Igo and Joe's whole story unravels while confronting new thugs on the market.
Regina Wulandari, Cintya Ramlan, Fendi Pradana and martial artist and actor Volland Humonggio also star with many more included. The film is poised to release domestically on September 18, and a trailer is also available below, along with a bit of candid BTS footage of the Dozan family duo in their element.


  1. interesting.
    that man Willy even though i don't know him, he feels like Don the Dragon Wilson but the indo version.

    i'm starting to like the Indonesia language:)

    even though this movie looks like low budget, I can tell it feels realistic!

  2. Man, Billy Chong was a Beast in Kung Fu Zombie. One of my classic old school kung fu movie. Glad to see he's back and in fighting shape too !


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