Hip-Hop Martial Arts Flick, BATTLE B-BOY Gets A U.S. Release!

The business of filmmaking and distribution is always a mystery, particularly regarding how long it takes for some movies to release. The good news is that eventually they do, especially if you're a fan of hip-hop and martial arts action, in which case, you're in luck!

Director Frank Lin's award-winning and ground-breaking hybridized action comedy, Battle B-Boy, made quite some noise while making the film festival rounds a few years ago. The film became a favorite among onlookers and ultimately won The Golden Angel Award for Best Independent Film at the Chinese-American Film Festival (CAFF) in Hollywood almost two years ago.

The film eventually saw a partial video-on-demand release in the U.S. courtesy of Gravitas Ventures with nare a word said on a hopeful DVD release or a set date. Fortunately, that is about to change with the film's brand new ownership over at North American distributor base Cinema Epoch, and a possible December 18 release which could be subject to change.

A group of talented but financially struggling B-Boys join an underground fighting ring in ‪DTLA‬ that uses ‪hip-hop‬ music and ‪breakdancing‬ to ‪battle‬ for ‪money‬. To save the life of one of their friend's father, the B-Boys form a strong bond. They fight for each other, for their ‪families‬ and for a better ‪future‬.
Battle B-Boy was written and directed by Frank Lin with fight choreography by co-star, veteran stunt professional and author John Kreng. Jonathan Phan, Ingel Catindig, Ricky Cole, Ritchie Greenfield and Alison Dahlstrom round out the main cast with Karen "DJ Shy" Beck, Howard Fong, James Chang, Bailey Munoz, Kamali Minter, Megan Nguyen and Longkue Steven Lor. Check out my review of the film by CLICKING HERE, and wait for further release info!


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