Wu Jing And Scott Adkins Trade Blows In The First Teaser For SPECIAL FORCE: WOLF WARRIOR!

Some say that patience is a virtue for anything worth waiting for, and for fans of martial arts stars Wu Jing and Scott Adkins, the reward is finally getting closer with the latest thirty second teaser for Wu's solo directorial debut, Special Force: Wolf Warrior (formerly known as Warg and Wolf War).

Up until now, we've only gotten small glimpses of the production with some viral stills and behind-the-scenes pics and featurette late last year. Other than that, it's safe to say the film is still in post-production, but the film presents quite a good looking cast, which namely so far includes Yu Nan (The Expendables 2) and Vincent Zhao (The Blacksheep Affair) to name a few.

Hopefully more official info about the film's cast, characters and plot will surface. In the meantime, with Wu still on the set of his next thriller, SPL 2: A Time For Consequences with Tony Jaa, Special Force: Wolf Warrior has finally delivered its very first, rewarding teaser, and one that will hopefully be the first of many with Wu behind the camera if he so chooses. Check it out!


  1. Looks Great, really like Wu Jing, he was great in Legendary Assassin!


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