Vaudeville-Inspired Short, MICKEY & THE FLY, Will Bug You Into Finding True Love

Actor and dancer Marc Fajardo has a bit of a knack for early twentieth century entertainment, a quality most notably viewable in his newest online shortfilm, Mickey & The Fly. The idea was conceived together in the last several years with director Evan A. Baker, who have worked on a number of projects prior during their six year friendship.

"I've always loved physical comedy and the works of Chaplin and Buster Keaton..." says Fajardo. "...What I love about vaudeville is that it uses the body for self expression which I feel very comfortable with because of my experience doing hip-hop back in college. And also, using the environment as part of the act, it's utter genius to me."

As it stands, Fajardo's long term goal is to do a take the style and expand it into a modern take using hip-hop, something which he's already began conceiving in the form of a trailer for Petey The Pizza Guy. The concept itself is still in development while Fajardo focuses on other priorities. Needless to say though, as rare as it is to see filmmakers and performers in 2014 adhere to such a style rooted in fifteenth century French theatrics, it also guarantees a small treat for those with an open mind, offering a little something for everyone. Besides, Chaplin's work is also a cornerstone of the success behind the career of beloved kung fu genre favorite, Jackie Chan. So there's no reason here to not embrace it.
When a pesky insect interrupts Mickey's spaghetti meal, his thirst for revenge leads him on a rollicking adventure of jealousy and love.
Check out the shortfilm below, and feel free to subscribe to Marc's channel in the embed as well.


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