Toshiaki Karasawa Lights Up The Camera In The New Trailer For IN THE HERO!

A second official trailer for director Masaharu Take's new drama, In The Hero is online ahead of its Japan release on September 6 courtesy of Toei. The new film, written by Keiya Mizuno and Lee Bong-Ou, presents what promises to deliver a captivating story surrounding the struggles of a passionate veteran suit stunt actor training a younger, popular prodigy ahead of a film in which the director may be more demanding of the dangerous feats he wants performed for the camera.

48-year-old Wataru Honjo (Toshiaki Karasawa) is a big fan of Bruce Lee and works as a suit actor (stunts performer wearing costumes). He is also president of "Shimoachiai Hero Action Club”. Even though he doesn't have the typical body type for his profession he has worked in the business for 25 years. Wataru doesn't get along with cocky rookie suite actor Ryo Ichinose, but an incident draws them closer. Ryo Ichinose then takes an audition for a Hollywood movie and passes. For the fighting scene in the climax scene, the action actor quits citing the scene is too dangerous. The movie staff hears that Wataru is the best Japanese action actor and offers the job to him. Will Wataru go for it?
Karasawa is joined by Sota Fukushi with Tomoka Kurotani, and actors Susumu Terajima, Jyo Hyuga, Masaya Kato and many more. Check out the trailer below!


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