The King Has Returned In The New Teaser For THRONE!

It's great to live in an age where the online independent film scene has expanded to a point where bonafide stunt performers and martial artists are able to come together en masse and create something as epic as what actor, stuntman and co-writer Aaron Toney is currently brewing. Case in point: The latest teaser for Throne, the story of a king who sets out find the man responsible for framing him for the death of his own family.

A co-production of PMV Entertainment and Halvon Corps Entertainment, Throne assembles a meaty handful of top notch action performers led by Toney, along with James Young and Brendon Huor, and it's been a considerable matter of time for all the details to come out and help offer a better undetstanding of what this new project will entail beyond the actors involved. My previous discussions with Toney on the status of it so far have only led me to a very vague, yet general answer, suggesting the project is "evolving". Yes, it's a big brush to paint with as it could mean anything, but it also points to the distinct level of care Toney is giving this project and what it promises upon its release, however which way it comes.

Moreover, the best part here about Throne is that it encompasses the efforts of hungry, genuine professionals, team affiliated or other, all of whom have been the subject of many a sung praise by writers like myself within the past several years. Of course, aside from any further largess I have on the matter, the proof is ultimately what you see on the screen, and it's worth every second of your attention. Check it out below right now and wait for more info!

 THRONE teaser from Aaron Toney on Vimeo.


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